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Personal Loans

You never know what life will bring your way, so you might be caught off-guard when an emergency crops up. We’ll show you how to get cash for a medley of needs – as quickly as you need it.

You can use the money for anything - bills, daily expenses, emergencies, etc. No mess. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Win.

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Mortgage Home Loans

Only a loan stands between you and your dream home. Whether you are a newbie to the game of real estate or a pro at flipping properties, we’ve got your back.

We’ve got the options too – plenty in fact. So take your time to explore the interest rates and terms.

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Debt Consolidation Loans

Second chances don’t always come by, but when they do, you should grab them. If you have debts with different lenders and interest rates, it can be stressful and confusing repaying your debts every month.

Simplify your life and pay off your debts at one go with a debt consolidation loan that offers you a lower interest rate with just one lender. You get to save money and enjoy peace of mind. Perfect.

Compare Loan Rates Debt Consolidation Loans

Business Loans

There’s never a right time to start a business. Take the plunge so you can say you dared to take a leap of faith.

Grow or start a business – it’s up to you. No idea how much you should borrow? We’ll work it out with you.

We give you the cash so you can dream big.

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Home Renovation Loans

How can you spruce up your abode without having to move? Simple – through a renovation loan.

Whether you need a big or small sum, want to sell or continue living in your home after the renovation, we have tons of options for you.

Compare Loan Rates Home Renovation Loans

Holiday Loans

Nothing refreshes your perspective like a well-deserved vacation. But these days nothing comes cheap, so can you still afford to travel? The answer is yes. With a holiday loan, you can.

Go where you like, spend what you like, and stay as long as you wish.

Enjoy a holiday on your terms – with a budget you decided on.

Compare Loan Rates Holiday Loans

Wedding Loans

You want happy faces all round on your big day, not the feeling of having had to compromise on what you really wanted. Pull out all the stops, think big, and get hitched with all the happiness and not the hassle.

Don’t worry, you just need to go through this once. That’s why you should do it right.

Compare Loan Rates Wedding Loans

Car Loans

This is where you can get great deals for new wheels.

No matter what you need a car for, or if you need a swanky or used model, you can find the right car at the perfect price here.

Compare Loan Rates Car Loans

Credit Repair / Bad Credit Loans

A bad credit loan is exactly what it sounds like – a loan that looks beyond your bad credit history. It’s time you stop letting your poor credit history bog you down.

Take the first step to repair your credit score with a bad credit loan. It’s the fresh start you deserve.

Compare Loan Rates Credit Repair / Bad Credit Loans

Education Loans

The right kind of knowledge can change your life for the better. Which is why it’s a good move to invest in your education.

Send your children abroad or get that MBA you’ve always wanted. The right education loan is out there – and we’ll help you find it.

Compare Loan Rates Education Loans

Medical Loans

Want to live a better life? Start by improving your health first. With a medical loan, you can rest easy and focus on getting well without worrying about the costs you’re racking up.

So get that operation done, go for a full-body check-up, or have your hospital costs covered – with peace of mind.

Compare Loan Rates Medical Loans

Home Equity Loans

After slaving at your mortgage for years, you have finally paid it all off.

You need money now to send your daughter abroad. Now’s the time to get a home equity loan.

We’ll tell you how it works, where to look, and what you need.

Compare Loan Rates Home Equity Loans

Why should you trust Loanstreet®?

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    We’ll help you get your money’s worth

    For every dollar you spend on the loan and interest, we want to help you get something back (Note: payoffs are not always monetary).

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    We know how to keep your data safe

    We understand what you submit is for our eyes only. We plan to keep it that way.

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    We customise our products to suit your priorities

    We can work something out for you based on what you need. We make the loan work for you, not the other way around.

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